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dealing with grief and loss

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The RITAKEN Institute for Grief and Loss

Group activities can be very beneficial to persons dealing with grief or loss. Here is a sample of some grief and loss activity exercises that we do at MNC. 

Grief is a natural process but sometimes things can get quite complicated and cause severe disruptions in our life. The good news is even complicated grief can be treated with the right tools. Find out more about the grief process with this worksheet.

Loss is hard for anyone, but there is a distinct type of pain associated with a mother and her child. This document addresses that grief particularly as it relates to Infertility, Miscarriage and Child Loss. 

MNC offers several services with regard to grief and loss. This one is our grief and loss workshop where we engage participants in understanding and effectively managing loss. 

MNC engages in various online talks and webinars. This one is an Educational Webinar we conducted for an organization in Guyana about Social Support Following Bereavement.


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Grief and Loss Workshop For Children
A few images of a children's grief and loss workshop
"Strength is born in the deep silence of long-suffering hearts"